Ken Clarke

MSc MBACP (Accred) MBPsS

07985 495432

"Psychodynamic counselling recognises the power of the past on the emotions of today"

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

These are very anxious times for us all and you may feel concerned about starting therapy at this time. I am currently only able to offer therapy via the online service Zoom. I am happy todiscuss the best way to proceed with all clients individually. I am following the BACP Coronavirus guidance for members. I have included a link to this for your information.

BACP Guidance for members

If you are concerned about your mental health and how you are feeling, please talk to me. I have also include a link to general advice from the BACP.

Coronavirus self-isolation: How to look after your mental health and wellbeing if you’re self-isolating

About Me

I am an experienced and qualified counsellor, I offer therapy in a supportive environment to encourage exploration and understanding of your personal issues.

I work in East London. The location is a very peaceful and pleasant room in my home in Forest Gate, just south of Romford Road. This is a short walk from Forest Gate train station or buses from Stratford. There is parking available.

Before our first session we will have previously discussed, usually by phone, what it is you want help with. This can also be done by email. We will agree a day and time we are available and setup the first meeting. I will answer any questions or concerns you may have. I hope my website also answers most of your questions. However please call me and ask if it doesn’t.

Our first session will be about getting to know each other. We will discuss important matters such as confidentiality and the BACP code of ethics that I work within. I will provide a written agreement, it sounds formal but it will let you know about all the practical matters that are important. For counselling to work we have to build a relationship of trust. This can take time, but during the process you will be listened to and I will provide insight into what is happening.

Sadly there is no magic fix, I can't prescribe pills or potions or tell you what to do. Instead we will sit together in comfortable chairs and you will do most of the talking. I do the listening and then reflect back and interpret what I have heard. I believe this will allow you to understand your past and make informed decisions about your future life.

I am accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Accreditation is an important way of ensuring a counsellor or therapist is experienced and can be trusted. For more information on accreditation please go to the BACP website.

My Background

I have experience counselling in private practice, the NHS and charities. This has given me a variety of experience working with a wide range of people with many different issues.


I am trained in a psychodynamic approach. This means I look at your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that are often not obvious. I work in the present but also think about your childhood and personal background.

Counselling or Psychotherapy?

I can offer both counselling and psychotherapy. I think of counselling as being focused on a particular issue or problem. This is usually for a short term, fixed number of weeks. Psychotherapy has no specific focus and is open ended in duration. What we discuss can change in each session but themes often emerge. It can be a more intense, deeper experience that takes time but can be more rewarding.

What can you do?

I can provide short term or long term counselling for a wide range of issues and difficulties. A typical session will be spent talking about what is going on in your life currently but also your past. We will also think together about your thoughts and feelings. I see my job as therapist to help you think about what is happening and to help you understand why. I look for patterns in thoughts and behavior that may not be initially obvious to you.

Who can you help?

I am experienced working with many different types of people, men and women including trans and non-binary people. I work with adult individuals in a variety of relationships and family backgrounds. I do not work with couples or people under 18. If I don't think I can help you I will refer you to the appropriate person or organisation.

What sort of problems might counselling help me with?

People often come to counselling with a wide range of personal issues. This may include:

  • feeling stressed and anxious

  • feeling depressed, sad or empty

  • lacking a sense of purpose in life

  • family conflicts

  • lacking confidence, self-esteem or having feelings of underachievement

  • an inability to make or sustain good relationships

  • coming to terms with losses such as bereavement, divorce or redundancy

  • having unresolved issues from the past

  • difficulties relating to sexuality

  • coming to terms with gay, lesbian or bisexual issues

  • repeatedly becoming involved in unsatisfactory or destructive relationships

  • problems at work

I am particularly experienced in dealing with the following:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma and recovery

    • including sexual abuse as a child or adult

  • LGBT and sexuality

If your particular concern or issue is not listed here, please call me to discuss if it is something I can work on with you. I have experience in many areas and have worked with a diverse range of people and issues.

What to do next?

Please feel free to contact me by telephone or email to discuss your situation, or to set up a preliminary meeting with me to explore things further. All communications between us will be treated in complete confidence, and I respond to all enquiries promptly.

Please explore my website for further information about my way of working, my training and clinical experience, or with practical matters such as fees and contact details. I hope this information will be helpful in your current search for a counsellor in East London.